Yes, let us know what you want to order. We’ll do our best to find what you’re looking for, and will email you with pricing and availability within 48 hours. Please note that all special orders are not able to be returned or cancelled.

We offer several different cleaning options. The number of steps depends on how many record cleaning machines and fluids are used to clean each record. Please review our record cleaning services page for more details.

Yes, our installation team has been installing video equipment for over 20 years.

To put it simply, clean records will sound better than dirty records. In addition to hearing fewer ticks and pops, clean records will also allow you to hear deeper detail in the music. You’ll experience better bass, a wider sound stage, and more realism. Dirty records will also cause premature stylus wear, and will also spread dirt to your record platter, leading to the contamination of your other records.

Vinyl is a very durable medium for music playback. I have records that are over 50 years old that sound brand new. Follow the steps listed below to ensure that your vinyl records give you decades of musical satisfaction.

  1. When handling a record, never the vinyl surface with your fingers. Your fingers contain oils that can damage the vinyl. Always hold the record by its edges and the label.
  2. Use an antistatic device on your records before and after cleaning them. This will neutralize your records’ surface and allow your cleaning process to be more effective.
  3. Clean both new and used records before playing them on your turntable. Clean records will sound better, and will preserve the life of both your records and your stylus.
  4. Clean your stylus before and after playing a record. This will preserve the life of your stylus, and prevent the stylus from recontaminating, and/or damaging your records.
  5. Place your clean record in a brand new anti-static sleeve. I recommend Nitty Gritty sleeves.
  6. Store your records vertically, and never lay them down on top of each other. This will help prevent your records from warping. Playing warped records can cause further damage to your records’ grooves, and potentially damage your stylus. We can flatten your warped records using Furutech’s DF-2 Vinyl Flattener.
  7. Place your albums in outer sleeves to protect the record jacket from damage.
  8. Store your records in a place where they’ll be kept away from the heat and direct light. In fact, a comfortable room temperature of 65 to 70 degrees would be ideal. Humidity can also harm your vinyl, so try to keep the humidity level between 45 and 50 percent.

We’d love for you to purchase a record cleaning machine from us. Feel free to browse our extensive collection of the best record cleaning machines available. However, unless you have a large record collection, it might not make sense for you to spend $3700 for an Audiodesk Systeme Record Cleaning Machine. We provide the most thorough cleaning process available, using the top rated cleaning machines in the industry. Letting us clean your records will also give you more time to sit back and enjoy your music.

We will contact you with an estimate once we have received your vinyl records. The cleaning time will vary depending on what option you choose. For example, “Option 1” will only take about 10 percent of the time of “Option 4”.

Unfortunately, we are unable to remove any scratches from your vinyl. We do promise to clean your vinyl records using our industry recommended cleaners which should reduce the amount of surface noise that you hear including ticks and pops.